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7 Tips That Linux Users Usually Learn The Hard Way

A friend of mine is coming to Ubuntu for his LAMP stack instead of using shared hosting and PLESK. I put together a couple helpful tips for him in chat, and before I knew it, I was over 4000 characters, so I made this post. I hope this is helpful.

* sudo is risky. Be absolutely sure of what you’re about to send to the console as root. I have killed several systems with sudo access and most of them unintentionally (one was a virtual machine on which i was testing a command i did not fully understand.)
* Ask the community. They will help you if you’re polite.
* Learn bash. Learn to use the command line, or one day you’ll need to learn it while you’re risking killing your system. never send anything to the terminal that you haven’t at least looked over or comes from a 100% trusted source (like the official Ubuntu repositories or apt repositories of software publishers you trust) You can start the journey of learning bash by opening a terminal, or logging into your server and typing “man bash” into the console.
* Learn how to read and modify the contents of the /etc/ directory.
* Learn git because you write code, and coding without version control is silly and a huge cause of regression.
* Learn security. Linux is secure by default, but it’s not hard to open yourself up to the whole world (sometimes without even a password).
* For the GUI guys: Learn to search google for software functionality, not software brands. Office is a Microsoft product, but LIbre Office has a great wordprocessor and a spreadsheet program to die for.