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5 Ways Of Getting Your Content Noticed

The internet is a very noisy place. In today’s social media dominated landscape it can be hard to get your unique and interesting content noticed. I might not have the busiest site on the net, but I do get a few hundred visits a month without guest-blogging. Here are a few ways I use to get my content clicked on:


1. Tweet about your content. Ensure that you participate on twitter by following people with interests relevant to your content. Some will follow you back, and those people will see your tweets. Make sure that you regularily update your followers with links to new content as it is posted. Remember the most successful Twitter accounts are those that make many clever observations about the topic most dear to them.
2. Rock Tumblr. Follow a bunch of people on Tumblr and post links to your content. Ask questions to get a response from your following.
3. Present yourself to Facebook. Maintain your Facebook page consistently and post links to your content. Ask Questions to garner user involvement from your following.
4. Go old-school. Eye-catching posters and flyers in business windows with your content url and/or QRCode are an alright idea. It doesn’t seem to convert well in my experience, but I’m from a small town and I’ve seen some good response to this tactic in bigger cities.
5. Tap into Reddit. Answer a redditor’s question citing your own content as the source. If you use reddit, you likely only consume without posting so that you don’t get in trouble for blogspam. Well if someone is asking a question in then your answer has been asked for, and you can usually answer with a post containing a link to your content (as the source of your well-typed answer)

These tips are not the only way to get your content noticed and are meant more to inspire you to find creative ways to use the tools available to you. What do you do to get noticed?