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Josh Richet is a web developer who builds mobile-friendly, well-planned web sites and provides hosting.

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highschool - pen high


Graduated from Penticton Secondary School (Pen High)

university - TRU


Graduated from CSOM at TRU in Kamloops, BC.

2007 - BC Provincial Government


Single-handledly wrote BeetleTracks Data Importer, a very busy SOAP data service in Visual Basic .NET for the British Columbia government.This service helped in government data collection related to the northern pine beetle infestation management.

2009 - Startup mania


Jumped out of the corporate world to work in startups.

2010 - Valuation prediction algorythm


Built Goldbook, a data service that predicts devaluation of cars as they age.

2012 - CNRL


Worked for a subcontractor on safety and training management software used within the walls of CNRL.

2013 - Bitter ninja


Started BitterNinja Software and ran aground.

2014 NI Apps


Started NumericalIrony Apps and ran aground.

2015 - JR1.CA


Started JR1.ca and have stayed afloat building websites since.

2015 - CATO


Started instructing at CATO kelowna to give back.

How To Contact Me

I'm based out of sunny Penticton, BC, and I like to work outside and in various spaces to satisfy my appetite for change. The best way to get ahold of me is to fill out this form, and we can meet up for a coffee.

scenic view of Penticton, BC

Location: Penticton, BC

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